Alan Hon is a passionate and driven serial entrepreneur and real estate investor. With nearly twenty years of experience identifying and maximizing the potential of the right real estate investments he can help you avoid obstacles that could cost you time and money.

Prior to becoming a serial Entrepreneur, Alan spent nearly a decade in the Health & Fitness industry and more than twenty years in retail working as a Manager for big box retailers like Best Buy, Staples and Barnes & Noble. Alan left retail after spending years as a Regional Sales Manager because even though he ran multiple successful retail locations, he knew life is short and he wanted to do more, contribute more.

While Alan is an AWARD WINNING retail Manager tasked with hiring and coaching HUNDREDS of employees and Managers for businesses generating MILLIONS of dollars, his most prideful and impactful project to date is this online business that he created, with his wife Kris and their team after spending years working with contractors and subcontractors to maximize the return on investment of distressed real estate .

Those years of experience and education combined with training from Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi has resulted in LIFE CHANGING courses, Mastermind Groups and intensive retreats designed to impact people at the deepest level leaving them CHANGED FOREVER.